I have been working with the Boondocks Clothing Company for over 15 years now, as an online consultant, web marketer, designer and ecommerce installer.

The original ecommerce software (ZenCart) which was a top of the line solution in the early 2000s while still working correctly, was beginning to lose the adaptability that modern WordPress and Woocommerce solutions can provide so the client decided we needed a makeover and I convinced them that we needed to upgrade the system at the same time.

We could have added all sorts of bells and whistles, but in the end we wanted the site to look good, be easy to work with for customers and backend administrators (more often than not myself) and believe we have come up with a pretty neat result, and importantly in keeping with the level of professionalism they wish their business to convey and with a fresh new look.

If you are into women’s clothing why not check it out – as we are currently in Level 4 lockdown in NZ some of the new products have been delayed (and the photography) but it won’t be long until more than the 10 products listed online are added to.

Below you can see some before and after shots.


New Boondocks Clothing website mockup in responsive sizes

New version using Woocommerce & WordPress

Boondocks Clothing - Old Website

Previous Version Using ZenCart & HTML