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Mark Medlicott – Website Design & Development with an Emphasis on SEO

Medlicott Design was created by Mark Medlicott while attending tertiary studies in the late 90s.

“As with life the passage of time changed my outlook on the world and after retraining at Aoraki Polytech in my late thirties, I came into the world of computing. Web design, programming, databases, word, excel, publishing, flash, mp3s, macromedia, multimedia, style sheets, javascript, networks, and many other unknown words were soon encountered!”

Can someone explain it to me in ‘layman’s terms’ please!

Web Design & SEO were areas where I felt most comfortable working, as I believed I had something to offer helping other people understand how it worked, especially those like myself who didn’t grow up with computers!

When I started people had just begun to “surf the net”, use email, and scan photos, but that’s where it often ended, especially when most of us were still only using dial-up to reach the Internet!

My Niche

Web design for small businesses, personal homepages, clubs and organizations were the places where I felt there was a big gap in the market, as like me, these businesses were still learning how it worked and were cautious as to the benefits.

Hence, the next step: creating a website for your business or organisation, or getting it on the internet, was usually put in the ‘too hard basket’.

After striking all the same ‘ifs and buts’ myself over the years of trying to make websites, I had managed to pass the ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ stage. Now Medlicott Design is here to help you.

Medlicott Design hopes to help allay your fears by providing affordable solutions!

  • I can help you decide whether you need a website or not
  • Help you decide on the website focus
  • I can build your website
  • Help you get an existing website better placed on the search engines
  • Teach you about keywords
  • Write appropriate content and generally optimise your website.
  • Incorporate your websites to match your existing systems
  • Help you utilise online systems to save you money, thereby increasing your ROI.
  • Integrate your website with your social media platforms

A source of ‘how to?‘ questions are all willingly answered where possible, or a reference to the place to go and find out the required information.

What about costs?

People are often worried about the costs, but today you should be worried about the cost to your business NOT to have a decent website.

The Internet is the cheapest form of advertising and marketing, with the widest coverage that has ever existed. You need to be part of it!

The costs can be suited to almost any budget. One of my first designs for a club utilised free message boards and forms that had advertising which did not worry the club. They gained a good web presence, ranking first on Google for their main category, for the small cost of my knowledge and design. Even their web hosting was free! So the only cost they had was to me.

The one thing in your favour is that the physical costs are getting better proportionally all the time in the computer world – think what you paid for your first computer. Today’s average off the shelf computer is probably only a 1/4 of the price and is more than likely 100 x more powerful.

The introduction of fibre broadband also means there are numerous more tools available online, and Google gives nearly all theirs away for free.

Life Experience

Possessing life experiences makes it easier for me to relate to your individual needs. I can help you decide how much you need to spend, what limitations you can put on your web presence without losing the effect, and optimise your keywords. An ever increasing range of clients ( and personal development years – simply put I’m getting older) means that I can often suggest things to help your business systems, productivity and costs that may have already been tested and proven (or not) in different fields.


Medlicott Design are proactive in outsourcing work to maintain a high standard of product. Charges for this are always inclusive of the original quote. So if you have technical computer problems, photography issues, or require extensive Flash development, we have the contacts to do this. Even if you just want your PC fixed, or some software upgraded.

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