Woocommerce Tutorials

Below are some video guides for my clients to help them understand how the Woocommerce Shopping cart works.

As time allows I will also add videos created by Medlicott Design, but believe the videos shown here from other developers are certainly a good starting point.

Use the timestamps below to jump to specific parts of the video.
Creating Products:
Simple product: 00:02:47
Variable Product: 00:13:05
Grouped Product: 00:23:53
Affiliate Product: 00:29:25
Virtual Products: 00:32:30
Downloadable Products: 00:34:20

What is a cross sell and up sell?
Cross-sells and up-sells: 00:06:34

WooCommerce Settings: 00:40:25

Extra WooCommerce Product Extensions: 00:37:57
Woocommerce Taxes: 00:58:36
Woocommerce Shipping: 1:12:05
Woocommerce coupons and other settings: 1:23:50

This official Woocommerce video guide shows the process for setting up Stripe on your shopping cart. 

This video shows the process for setting up Stripe in a bit more detail but is also a bit older.