This page lists various tutorials specifically designed primarily for Findapic photographers, and things they will find helpful when uploading their photographs for sale to the public, but other amateur or professional photographers may also find these very useful, especially as digital photography becomes more the norm.

Nowadays, you don’t just need to know how to bounce your flash off ceilings, aperture sizes and length of exposure to be a photographer, but it seems you also need to be a computer whizz to use the software to manipulate your digital photos as well, often with old dark room processes not seeming to cross reference. Well things aren’t quite that bad, and you will soon find everyone has their favourite way of doing things. I have created these basic lessons and steps to try and help you have a starting point or reference manual to get started while making it understood no matter your level of computer literacy.

I can certainly also recommend the various video and written photography tutorials at the following websites, The Radiant Vista for really good Photoshop lessons and for everything
photographic add Ken Rockwell to your favourites.

* Tutorials are in PDF format so you can right-click and save to your computer, or open them by clicking directly.

Image Manipulation, Resizing, Editing Software

Photoshop 7, Photoshop CS2, + Photo Elements

This is a simple illustrated step by step guide for anyone to batch resize digital images to a much better file size for use online. Although some of the wording is slightly different, you can also use this guide as a basis if you use Photo Elements.

How To Resize Images Using Photoshop Tutorial [185kb]


Picasa is FREE software from Google that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your computer. You can drag and drop to arrange your albums and make labels to create new groups. Picasa makes sure your pictures are always organised.

Click  to download Picasa2

This is a simple illustrated tutorial for Picassa2 users to enable them to resize photos for use on Findapic. If you do not have photo editing
software you can download Picasa2 from the link in the left hand menu called ‘Get Photo software from Google.

Download the Resizing Photos Using Picasa Tutorial [222kb]

If you want to know more about using Picasa2 here are some links to video guides on YouTube.

Picasa2 Part 1

Picasa2 Part 2

Powertools Resizer for XP (Microsoft)

Something that I believe should have been built into all Windows Operating Systems is an easy way to use the built in image resizer. This is the same tool that automatically resizes photos when you want to send them by email using the ‘Send to’ function.

NOTE: This is for people still running Windows XP.

Well in their spare time, workers at Microsoft are allowed to create tools they think would be handy and this is one of them. This allows you to select 1 or 100’s of photos and then right-click and select ‘Resize Pictures’. The new photos are loaded in the same folder with new names e.g. Art01.jpg become Art01(Small).jpg and you original photo remains unchanged. You can then copy and move these photos elsewhere, or upload them.

You can download the Resizer here >> Powertools Image Resizer

For tips on how to use it, try visiting this Micosoft Tutorial which makes fairly good sense.

Free Image Resizer for Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8

Unfortunately, no one has yet made a simple Powertool for the Vista Operating system, so the best solution which you can use for free for non-commercial use that I have seen is called the VSO Image Resizer.

There is a comprehensive and easy to understand user guide or you can check out my videos here, so if you still have problems after reading and/or watching these lessons, contact us here at Medlicott Design and we will try and help.

Photo Watermarking Software

UMark Batch watermarking tool – Free Version

This tool lets you put your own personal watermark or copyright over your digital photos to help prevent theft. The free version will watermark 50 images at once while the paid version is unlimited. You can also use this as a resizing tool. I regularly used the professional version of this great tool myself, but the free version is excellent too.

System Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and you need to install
Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1 all of which is explained in my tutorial.

Download my uMark User Guide [39kb]

Light Image Resizer

Previously known as the VSO Image Resizer mentioned above can now watermark your images too with text or images and can batch process 100s of photos at once, so I recommend that as the free option to get anyone started.