The Internet and communications worldwide are forever changing, and now more and more people are accessing the Internet (and therefore websites) via their smart phones. Even standard mobile phones can access websites, so if you have a graphically intensive website, it may be more difficult to display on a phone.

According to my stats, about 4% of my visits in the last 10 months to this website (That is when I put the mobile option on) have used their mobile phones to access my pages  (16982 desktop visits and 879 mobile visits), so while that percentage may seem small it is growing, and if taken more seriously those 4% may alll be looking for work and not just random tyre kickers!

What does this mean for you – well think about your product or service, your target market and whether they are likely to be using a mobile phone to connect to your website e.g. 30-40 something Mums seem to all have these phones, so if you are selling to them, you better put mobile on your “to do” list. If you aren’t sure contact me to discuss it.