A client of mine has recently entered the publishing world with the release of her science fiction fantasy novel “A Timely Dream” written in collaboration with her eldest brother who has written many stories. This story is part of a trilogy and the description on Amazon says;

“Felicity is a Senior Caregiver in an elite Rest Home. When she has her curiosity aroused by a poster placed the wrong way round in a window across the valley from her work place, she organises an investigation. Little does she know that what she finds will change time itself, both for the elderly residents in her care, and those she knows and loves. In a story that breaks down the boundaries of time, the future is threatened by jealousy and greed, the present is fuelled by passion and love while the past is eased by the healing powers of memories finally understood.”

Within these pages, you will find laugh-out-loud humour, drama, intrigue, passion and love.   All with a quirky flavour.

You can learn more about the book on the website “The Carrisbrook Trilogy” and it is available in Hardcover, Paperback or Kindle versions.