Medlicott Design - Helping customers reach the world from their doorstep. Medlicott Design will advise you on the different options available to your business or organisation, help you understand the process which significantly helps in the overall strategem and then design a website you can be proud of. Then we use our search engine optimisation skills to achieve higher rankings in the search engines, especially targeting Google. If you just want to ask questions, we offer a free quote for any options, or else can point you in the right direction.

Web Design

Specialising in designing websites for small businesses, clubs and organisations as well as online shopping carts.

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Search Engine Optimisation

is the skill of creating a website that gets found on Google (and Bing and Yahoo). There’s no point having a cool website that  no one else will ever see.

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Online Business Systems

Experience to help you streamline costs, improve your marketing and give your business better ROI.

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Welcome to Medlicott Design’s new website.

We specialise in designing websites for small businesses, clubs and organisations that can be found! This is due to placing particular emphasis on SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, or in simple terms describes the process that gets your website listed in the first few pages of Google when people search for your business products.

Priced affordably, we can build you an e-commerce website where you can sell your products and services online using a shopping cart with secure credit card transactions, design a content management system so that you can update your own website using a system called WordPress which now generates about 20% of websites in the world today, or build you a basic brochure websites that tell everyone what you offer and what you do.

New websites are now built using a responsive platform which means they will look good on smartphones, iPads, Tablets or any size screen.

We can help integrate your marketing with email marketing, Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more, and are certainly happy to discuss before you need to commit, so contact Mark now.


  • ~ Corinne Watson (CCS Logistics)

    "I have decided to remain with my existing developer for my website as of all the conversations I have had, he is still the one who genuinely excites me when we discuss my website and he makes it very simple for me at an affordable"

  • ~ Christine Monk (Licensed Conveyancer)

    "Thanks so much Mark – and I will keep you in mind and mention you to anyone I know looking at setting up a website.  You have been awesome to deal with"

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